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Google Duplex: It was my son talking to me or Google Duplex?

It was my son talking to me or a Robot? 

Yes, that’s what this new technology may cause you to think in future.

Google is planning to introduce a new dimension to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. It is planning to come up with fully automated system which will not only do your day to day work but also will talk to the people if required. It is an AI tool which will do actual conversation with people on your behalf. You just need to ask yours google assistant to take care of stuffs like booking a table in restaurant, a hotel or an appointment with someone, google assistant will get the things done for you.

What is Google Duplex?

Duplex is an Artificial Intelligence tool which is basically designed to help google assistant to be more intelligent. Google assistant is limited to the information provided on internet but Duplex will enable assistant to go beyond its limitation and talk to the people to gather information and to do the necessary stuffs like booking an appointment or a ticket. It’s an extension to the google assistant. Soon you may see this feature incorporated in the google assistant.

Though the technology is not fully ready at the moment but google is soon going to launch the beta version. This demo shows how google duplex can talk to somebody on your behalf.
Google I/O 2018
Google I/O 2018
With the help of Artificial Intelligence machines will talk to people, as per Mr. Pichai Google Wavenet models the audio to create natural voice closure to how human speak, this model can capture the richness of one’s voice. i.e. if trained properly the model can also speak like someone in future which may cause you to doubt whether you had a call with your son or it was just a robot on the other side.  Situations becomes even worse if a machines calls somebody on your behalf and makes a deal, what if the system got hacked and your AI agent calls your bank to lock your accounts?

Google's work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Couple of months back Google brain released the open source software library TenserFlow. Google is also investing a lot on Artificial intelligence , Machine Learning and NLP. It was good to hear Mr. Pichai talking about Google research on retinopathy and cardiovascular risks using AI, but implementation of Artificial Intelligence in mimicking humans is certainly going to raise eyebrows.

Hence it becomes a valid question to ask, How the privacy and data protection will be taken care if we have these kind of Intelligent robots around us? however, Google is yet to address these points. The developer conference 2018 was just an introduction to the basic version of Duplex which google is planning to launch.


Once it is released we will have a detailed analysis of the features and risk involved in using it.

For now, just be ready for this interesting feature of Google Assistant which is going to hit the market soon. Hopefully this effort of google to give back some time to his users proves to be fruitful for both.

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