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New iPhone Release (Sept 2018) VS iPhone X: Features, Specification and Rumors

With September coming closure discussions and rumors has put iPhone in the spotlight again. This autumn Apple Inc. may come up with three to four new release of iPhone as per the January latest update.

There has been widespread speculation about the release of new iPhone, its name, price, specification and design. There also has been rumors that Apple will stop the “X” version as it was a special launch for the 10th anniversary of the smartphone and will now continue with names iPhone 9, 9+ and so on. Fans across the world are super excited for the new release which is to be unveiled in September 2018.
Next iPhone Release (Sept 2018) VS iPhone X: Features, Specification and Rumors
Apple may launch the successor of iPhone X as iPhone X+, iPhone XI or iPhone 9 but it will certainly be an advanced version in terms of future mobile technology. iPhone X was released with a price - starting at £999/$999 making iPhone X a bit costly to fit into a middle class budget, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were priced at £699/$699 and £799/$799. There were narratives on the decrease in sale of iPhone X in Asia and Europe blaming on its hefty price so the new releases are expected to be of the same range if not less.

iPhone X is equipped with many future technologies like wireless charging, FACE ID, Animoji. The device was praised for the display, Animoji, build quality and camera but at the same time many fans are ambivalent about it because of the notch and Face ID(requires direct eye on screen). Face ID biometric unlocking system shows a dubious behavior when tested on identical twins. A Vietnamese firm Bkav announced in a blog that it had successfully created a mask that tricked Face ID unlocking system, it has also been challenged by hackers and mask makers. The new release is expected to fix the above issues.

As far as Camera is concerned, iPhone X camera has received positive feedback for working well in low-light, it has received a score of 97 putting it behind the Google Pixel 2(98) and Samsung's Galaxy S9+ smartphone(99) and into joint second place with the Huawei Mate 10 in the DxOMark mobile overall rankings. So there could be no significant improvement in terms of camera quality.

Some issue which were reported in iPhone X:

1. Difficult one handed use of iPhone X: when iPhone 5(4 inch)
was launched Apple came up with an advertisement showing a perfect size mobile phone which can be operated easily with one hand but after iPhone X (5.8 inch) it’s for sure that now they want everyone to forget that commercial

2. Screen becomes unresponsiveness and camera flash fails in cold weather However former has been fixed (quoted from Wikipedia)

    3. Multiple users have reported that the display often become unresponsive, it usually happens during the call and users are forced to restart the device.

Successors of iPhone X by whatsoever name it will be called but it is certainly expected to have features better than the existing one and hopefully it will address the issues which were reported in iPhone X. As per the latest update the new iPhone release is expected to have better battery, RAM, processors and display.


iPhone X had the resolution 2436 x 1125(highest in the iPhone series) and pixel density 458 pixels per inch. It is least likely that Apple will go higher than 458 ppi for September 2018 release. However there are rumors that rear camera with a 3-shot lens will be introduced.


The new releases are expected to be of similar price range if not less. There has been widespread speculation about launch of a low budget cheaper model to attract customers. There was discussion on Apple sourcing the screen from LG rather than Samsung to get cheaper hardware components to cut down the final price of the device, rumors are also there about removal of wireless charging feature to bring the price further down.

Face Id and Touch Id:

Next iPhone Release (Sept 2018) VS iPhone X: Features, Specification and Rumors
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iPhone Touch ID display is about placing your finger on the display to scan it, instead of the Home Button. According to the Investor Apple is planning to launch three new iPhones with Face ID this year

The company is doing researching in putting in-screen Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display(filed a patent on Touch ID display in January 2013)


Often iPhone X is ranked below iPhone 8 and Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Note 8, due to shorter battery life. The next release of iPhone is expected to fix  the battery issue.

As reported on MacRumors
According to Kuo, iPhone X Plus is expected to have up to a 25 percent larger battery capacity of 3,300-3,400 mAh vs. iPhone X. 

Kuo adds that Apple has settled on a two-cell, L-shaped design for the second-generation iPhone X and iPhone X Plus battery, compared to a single-cell, L-shaped design that could have yielded 
up to 10 percent additional capacity.


The iPhone X has 3GB RAM. According to Kuo iPhone X Plus will have an increased 4GB of RAM.


5G networks are expected to roll out in UK after 2020. iPhone X plus is not expected to have 5G support though we may see some basic compatibility for 5G services.


Successors of iPhone is expected to have a bezel-free design, Face ID camera, and no Home button. Facial recognition sensors can be embedded in the display itself according to Digital Trends.


As per Nikkei Apple is planning to launch both LCD handset and OLED(organic light-emitting diode display) handset. LCD version will be the cheaper. OLED handsets may be release in two sizes: one about 6.3 inches long and the other 5.8 inches.LCD phone will probably have a metal back and may not have wireless charging in order to cut down the cost.

According to reports MacRumors, there may be two LCD-based iPhones release in 2018. One of these LCD models can be 5.7in to 5.8in, and the other from 6.0in to 6.1in.


Along with black and silver Apple may release a gold color handset option. Photos of a gold iPhone X as posted by Ben Geskin appear to have leaked out, though it not reliable but it may be released in September 2018 as iPhone X plus.  

Next iPhone Release (Sept 2018) VS iPhone X: Features, Specification and Rumors
Image via Benjamin Geskin

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